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Favorite Things Website

quokka mock.jpg

For this beginner web site project, I decided to go in a super fun, approachable, kid-friendly, favorite animals site. While I wanted the website to be fun and vibrant, I also wanted to maintain a modern, clean vibe. I chose a very colorful, happy color palette that was individually chosen based on the animal—blue/purple for penguins in the Arctic, coral/pink for the schnauzer (playfulness), and orangey/yellow for the Australian Quokka. If I were to build this website out, I would continue to build the site towards kids and create a website full of animals from all over the world and facts about them. I would also have an endangered species section to introduce to kids why it’s so important we take care of the earth and our living creatures. I would want this to be more of an educational site.

I went with the wavy shapes so that I could pull the viewer down the page and create an overall texture as well. I did have the background a solid color but it was a little underwhelming. I decided to bring the wavy shape concept into the background of my “Animals” pages to tie those pages back to the homepage. This also allowed for the animal pages to have a little more fun versus just sticking with a white background. I liked the idea of having a video that you could play whenever you entered a new animal page so that you could learn a little more about the animal. Plus it’s a little more engaging to see videos of animals versus just reading about them.

The farther I moved in my little website concept, the more I became aware of how I might actually build a concept out. What the concept would look like, how people would interact with it, how might I make a website more interesting? I did enjoy the exercise of creating a site map because it made me more aware of just how many moving parts there are in a website as well as how everything works together to create the user experience.

If I were to go back and work on this project, I would definitely add more to the header, rework the animal pages to be more interesting and engaging, and perhaps rework the footer as well. I would also work on the names of the navigation tabs and the name of the website—those were a struggle.

Overall, this website project was a good experience to get my toes back in the water. I’m super hyped to see where I’ll be at the end of the semester. I really want to improve and actually be able to create some great, engaging web designs. Cheers to a hopeful semester.

*bottom animal pictures are the images I used for the homepages, below is my sitemap

animal website_sitemap.jpg
Olivia Allison