Olivia Allison


Blue Laws Project


 The goal of this project was to take a blue law and create a campaign out of that single law. My blue was from Montana and it states, “It is illegal to give a rat as a present.” Honestly, I had a hard time working on this project and trying to figure out what campaign path I should go on. It wasn’t until the very end that I decided the main goals would be to prove that rats are worth adopting and gifting as well as giving the audience a reason to sign a petition to change this crazy blue law. I will say my favorite part of the site was when I added in the Instagram rat influencers. I didn’t even realize there was a big market for that. 

Continuing on with my design process, I eventually ended up with creating a campaign around rats throwing their party or crashing someone from Montana’s party. I do enjoy how cute these ended up, especially the little rat on the cake. I also had a lot of fun creating the experimental sprinkle type. Although I did run into a problem with the sprinkles looking more of a brownish color than a bright, upbeat color. Although I tried to be careful about what shape or what color sprinkles I got, I didn’t account for their being so many chocolate sprinkles. I tried adding in a pink opacity over the layers and did a clipping mask to every one of my letters and while there was a slight color shift, it’s not nearly as bright as I want it to be. Also, I need to experiment more with trying to display the sprinkle type without it looking like rat fur or something.

The colors of my campaign were chosen to be upbeat and have a birthday party quality to them. I also went and found stock photos of mice and photoshopped little party hats on them to add to the overall party vibe. 

iPhone X mockup hover seperated.jpg

So mobile for this project was a beast. I don’t know why I had such a problem with it? I had a bit of a hard time figuring out how long to make the pages and what size text was best work on the iPhone Max screen. Also, definitely a learning curve trying to move a desktop site to the screen. I had redone this site layout a few times and did originally start with mobile, but by the time I figured out the final design layout I wanted, I started with desktop first. Definitely understand why you start with a mobile site design first and then move it over to desktop.

This entire website is one continuous page. In order to keep people scrolling, on each section I decided to create the sections in curves rather than straight square cards. By using the curved section approach, I was able to keep the pages flowing into to each (for example, on the landing page section, the sprinkles from the about section bleed up into it). This was also a way to let people know there were more pages to see rather than me using an arrow to pull them down.


See the final project here.

Olivia Allison