Olivia Allison


Finished Nonprofit Site Design


It’s been super wild to look back at where my first round of wireframes to now. It’s interesting to not only see how much my designs evolved from the black/white/grey boxes. I have learned that I love Adobe XD and am excited to mess around with Invision. I also loved seeing everyone’s websites and seeing how differently everyone solved their nonprofit’s site problems. Now that critique for this project is over, I might further mess around with my NuLu site and update different assets or add in assets that might be helpful.

For the NuLu website, a few of the major problems it had was lack of customer trust, confusion about membership plans and business directory, and lack of organization for the entire site. I feel that the NuLu website overall has an unfinished look and doesn’t accurately describe what NuLu nor does it give you the upbeat tone that NuLu has.  Here was my marketing objective and my audience for this website:

Marketing Objective
From a marketing perspective, we not only want to encourage small business owners to become NULU business association members, we also want to drive traffic from locals/tourists into the NULU website in order to bring more awareness to NULU. These elements in turn would bring in more money to NULU’s nonprofit but also money into the small businesses of that area. The goal of this website should be: enticing NULU business owners to join the NULU Business Association (this brings funding to the nonprofit), bringing awareness to locals/tourists and showing them what NULU has to offer, and driving traffic not only to the website, but into the actual district of NULU.

Target Audience
Primary – Small business owners in the NULU district into NULU business association members. Secondary – Locals and tourists (18-35) looking for things to do in Louisville or specifically in the NULU district.

Basically I used the idea of FOMO throughout my entire design process. I wanted to obviously create a usable and functional site, but I also wanted it to be upbeat, modern, and engaging. I want people to see what a happening place NuLu is and feel like they are missing out if they don’t join in on the NuLu District (for locals/tourists) and the NuLu Business Association (small businesses). I knew I wanted a clean and visually interesting design due to having a younger target audience. Plus, NuLu is cool and hip and I wanted the new site design to reflect that.


^Above images show an overall static view of my final site design.

 I spent a lot of time reworking the business directory and the why join the NBA pages as I felt like these were some of the biggest problems. The way you went about purchasing an NBA membership was kind of sketchy and not at all trustworthy looking. So I created a more detailed page about memberships benefits and a fresh table design for NuLu membership plans. I also felt that the business directory page was confusing and not very detailed, so I went in to try and create a fresh and inviting look. I made the change from having the business directory as all type to limited type and more pictures. One the main business directory page, I created a “Feature Businesses” header that will carousel through different businesses ranging from food to shopping to art galleries. I also create a more inviting search bar as well as a dropdown with which a user can sort NuLu businesses by different categories. I also redid the business profile page to be more like a social media page style. I gave the profiles headers and galleries so they could display their work and added in a Google Maps feature.

For the color palette of the site, I kept NuLu’s brand colors because I liked how quirky they were. The orange and blue were super fun to bring in. I thought these colors also added to the friendliness of the overall brand and website. As far as my final proposed site map goes, I pretty much kept the original structure but cleaned and condensed pages down if I felt they weren’t really needed or if they worked better under a different dropdown label. 

I’m pretty proud of this little redesign and how far it’s come. There are different things that I would fix and clean up such as icons or reworking the integration and the blue and orange but overall I’m pretty happy with how it came out. I also will never get tired of prototyping these websites and actually getting buttons or navigation to work. Seriously I think the prototyping was one of my favorite things about this project–that was like magic.

Olivia Allison