Olivia Allison


Nonprofit Website Redesign - II


I’ve built out my NuLu site wireframes out just a bit more since my last post. Peek at the orange I’ve begun bringing into my design. I’ve started building out more of the NuLu business directory and business profiles in order to demonstrate a better way to organize businesses and help potential customers find information more easily. The “Why Join” page and the business profile pages are still undergoing some major updates, but all my other pages seem to be getting a little more settled. I can’t wait to start dropping images, colors, and typography in (especially since I just found out how to actually design in XD beyond just wireframing–big win). I’m also finding little wins whenever I’m able to link objects together in the XD prototype phase. It’s kind of like Christmas Day when I can click my hamburger navigation button, and something actually drops down. 

I really enjoyed the wireframing critiques and being able to vocalize and bounce ideas or potential concerns off of other people. I’ve also enjoyed learning and practicing web strategies that I’ve researched/learned over the last several months. Learning to be more aware of UX design and actually putting that into play in my own work has been a lot of fun. I always like the “why” behind certain web elements, and I’m working on further learning to be more sensitive to the “why” situations. For instance, on my “What to Do” page, just moving the NuLu street map below all the NuLu business directory and what to do information will help the user better understand why they would need/want a map of NuLu in the first place.


The video posted above shows an updated walkthrough of my NuLu site and exactly how I picture the page flow and how specifically I imagine the business directory/business profile working together. By expanding a little more on my business directory pages, I hope to portray a little more sense of NuLu community as well as the underlying message to NuLu businesses of FOMO. One of the goals of this website to get small businesses to join the NuLu Business Association, so I wanted to create an environment that made Businesses feel that they would be getting something in return if they joined. This concept also enforces the idea of having featured businesses on the homepage and a carousel of featured businesses on the business directory page. I also wanted to attract and engage with locals/tourists in the Louisville area and create easy access points to get information about NuLu businesses (whether that be food, places to stay, shopping, etc.)

Olivia Allison