Olivia Allison


Web Design - Final Day.


It’s crazy that the semester has already flown past us. When I first started this class, I sort of worked with some web design but it was super basic, I didn’t really know how it worked and definitely didn’t know about user flows and site maps. Looking over the course of the semester, I suppose I didn’t realize how much my design has actually grown. I’ve realized that the way I think about user flows/user interaction has definitely progressed, my Illustrator skills have also grown, I’ve learned two new programs (Adobe XD and InVision), and just my overall web compositions have also gotten a little better. I now think about where to place pop out navigation bars so that they don’t cover major page information or I now think about the best ways to convey information about a website on the splash and catch someone’s eye in .07 seconds. I don’t think I would have necessarily been aware before the class or at least it would have taken me a little longer to become aware of these issues. 

Super thankful to have taken this class and grateful for all the speakers coming in to take time and further explain web design/give advice about the industry. I look forward to further learning about Adobe XD and Invision, more about UX/UI, and overall just learning more about this field. I’m also interested in exploring the world of UX in apps and so forth. I really want to better understand and practice UX/UI design, so I’ll probably try to practice more with web design the summer. I think Adobe usually has little sprints going on for web practice that could be fun to join in on.

Olivia Allison